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Hey! I'm new so .
name: Elyse
age: 14
how you heard about Kelli: Light in the Piazza- I saw heard in it in August, and met her at the stage door, and then bought the cast recording, and the rest is history
anything else important: not really
My real purpose in this, however (and I posted this in lightinpiazza as well, so you may have already read this), is to tell you all that I'm currently making a Light in the Piazza scrapbook for Kelli to give to her before she leaves on December 4th, and I would love any imput from you, her fans. You can send anyting you would like for me to include (letters, pictures, stories, poems, etc.) to my email- (and please try to get everything to me by the 27th of November because I'm going to be doing the bulk of this project over my Thanksgiving break). Thanks. <3 Elyse.
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