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I'm stalking Mariaaaa!

Name: Quinn
Age: 15
How you heard about Kelli: hm... At the Tony's I thought "Oooh! Pretty lady!" and when I heard her sing it made me happy to be a soprano, which is very rare in singers for me. Then I looked around on the internet and bought The Light in the Piazza from iTunes. Now I'm here. XD
Anything else important? Um... Kelli/Matt are my OTP 4EVA. Yes.
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She does indeed have one of the prettiest voices that I have ever heard...and ha! nice vocabulary. Totally got rid of that icon...it's hard when you only have room for 3. Anyways, welcome! This is my favorite community, even though it's one of the most barren.
totally didn't see your title. lol...oye.
I totally am stalking you lol.

And I freaking NEED a paid account. Like now. But you know you love my vocabulary.